1. Accessibility in Scholar

    1. Accessibility information

  2. Announcements

    1. Announcements: Overview

    2. Announcements: Creating/adding, editing, or deleting

    3. Announcements: Merging

    4. Announcements: Reading

    5. Announcements: Setting permissions

  3. Assignments

    1. Assignments: Overview

    2. Assignments: Adding an attachment to an assignment you created

    3. Assignments: Adding the Honor Pledge

    4. Assignments: Adding, editing, or removing

    5. Assignments: Checking a grade

    6. Assignments: Completing and submitting

    7. Assignments: Downloading assignment grades to a spreadsheet

    8. Assignments: Duplicating

    9. Assignments: Grading or reviewing student status

    10. Assignments: Linking to the Gradebook

    11. Assignments: Posting an assignment previously saved as a draft

    12. Assignments: Reading or downloading students' assignments

    13. Assignments: Resubmitting

    14. Assignments: Returning an assignment to a student

    15. Assignments: Seeing how assignments look to participants

  4. Calendar(Schedule)

    1. Calendar(Schedule): Overview

    2. Calendar(Schedule): Adding an attachment to a item

    3. Calendar(Schedule): Adding or deleting fields

    4. Calendar(Schedule): Changing your view

    5. Calendar(Schedule): Creating/adding, editing, or deleting items

    6. Calendar(Schedule): Importing

    7. Calendar(Schedule): Merging calendars from different sites

    8. Calendar(Schedule): Printing

    9. Calendar(Schedule): Viewing the details of an item

  5. Chat

    1. Chat Room: Overview

    2. Chat Room: Adding, editing, or deleting

    3. Chat Room: Reading, posting, or deleting messages

  6. Dropbox

    1. Drop Box: Overview

    2. Drop Box: Moving Drop Box items to another folder

    3. Drop Box: Viewing Drop Boxes and their contents

  7. Email Archive

    1. Email Archive: Overview

    2. Email Archive: Adding Email Archive to your site

    3. Email Archive: Controlling the number of messages displayed

    4. Email Archive: Controlling who may send messages

    5. Email Archive: Customizing

    6. Email Archive: Deleting an message

    7. Email Archive: Message formatting and attachments

    8. Email Archive: Reading messages

    9. Email Archive: Searching for a message

    10. Email Archive: Sending and receiving email

    11. Email Archive: Sending mail to site participants

    12. Email Archive: Setting an alias

  8. FAQs

    1. FAQs: Overview

  9. Forums

    1. Forums: Overview

    2. Forums: Can I delete a forum message?

    3. Forums: Changing the order of forums and topics

    4. Forums: Controlling access

    5. Forums: Creating a new forum and topic

    6. Forums: Grading messages

    7. Forums: Messages and Forums notifications

    8. Forums: Moderating messages in a forum

    9. Forums: Participation statistics

    10. Forums: Posting and responding to Forum messages

    11. Forums: Revising or deleting a forum or topic

    12. Forums: Viewing

  10. Gradebook

    1. Gradebook: Overview

    2. Gradebook: Layout and Menus

    3. Gradebook: Important Colors

    4. Gradebook: Calculating and exporting course grades

    5. Gradebook: Changing the grade entry, type, and scale

    6. Gradebook: Commenting on grades

    7. Gradebook: Creating/adding, editing, or deleting an item

    8. Gradebook: Entering or editing grades

    9. Gradebook: How categories and weighting affect grade calculation

    10. Gradebook: Extra Credit

    11. Gradebook: Total Points

    12. Gradebook: Importing Gradebook items from a spreadsheet

    13. Gradebook: Importing grades for existing Gradebook items

    14. Gradebook: Making grades available to students

    15. Gradebook: Overriding an autocalculated course grade

    16. Gradebook: Sorting Gradebook tables

    17. Gradebook: Using Gradebook to view and export student grades

    18. Gradebook: Using categories and weighted grades

    19. Gradebook: Viewing Gradebook item details

    20. Gradebook: Viewing course grades

    21. Gradebook: Giving A Zero to Students for Unsubmitted Work

    22. Gradebook: Final Grade Submission - Exporting Grades

    23. Gradebook: Duplicating

  11. iClicker

    1. iClicker: Overview

  12. Instructor Checklist

    1. Instructor Checklist: Instructor Checklist

    2. Instructor Checklist: Important Information after Importing

    3. Instructor Checklist: Duplicating the Scholar Gradebook

    4. Instructor Checklist: Creating a New Scholar Site and Importing Existing Tools

    5. Instructor Checklist: Importing Tools and Materials After Creating a Scholar SIte

  13. Known Issues

    1. Known Issues: Overview

  14. Lessons

    1. Lessons: Overview

    2. Lessons: Videos

    3. Lessons: Lessons versus Modules

    4. Lessons: How do I..?

    5. Lessons: Adding Text

    6. Lessons: Adding Resources

    7. Lessons: Adding Multimedia

    8. Lessons: Adding Assignments

    9. Lessons: Adding Assessments from Tests and Quizzes

    10. Lessons: Adding Forums

    11. Lessons: Adding Subpages

    12. Lessons: Student Comments

    13. Lessons: Peer Review

    14. Lessons: Allowing Students to Create Own Lesson Pages

    15. Lessons: Reorganizing Content

    16. Lessons: Sequencing

    17. Lessons: Accessibility

    18. Lessons: Join our Example Site!

  15. Messages

    1. Messages: Overview

    2. Messages: Searching

    3. Messages: Sending, forwarding, and replying

    4. Messages: Viewing and managing

  16. Modules

    1. Modules

  17. My Workspace

    1. My Workspace: Membership

      1. My Workspace: Membership: Overview

      2. My Workspace: Joining and unjoining sites

    2. My Workspace: Preferences

      1. My Workspace: Preferences: Overview

      2. My Workspace: Preferences: Showing, hiding, and ordering course and project sites

    3. My Workspace: Profile

      1. My Workspace: Profile: Modifying your profile

      2. My Workspace: Profile: Searching for a user's profile

      3. My Workspace: Profile: Changing your privacy status

    4. My Workspace: Site Setup

      1. My Workspace: Site Setup: Overview

      2. My Workspace: Site Setup: Adding a text description to your course or project site

      3. My Workspace: Site Setup: Adding, editing, or deleting participants

      4. My Workspace: Site Setup: Adding, editing, or deleting tools on the menubar

      5. My Workspace: Site Setup: Changing participant roles

      6. My Workspace: Site Setup: Controlling access to your course or project site

      7. My Workspace: Site Setup: Editing your site information

      8. My Workspace: Site Setup: Publishing or unpublishing a site

    5. My Workspace: Overview

    6. My Workspace: Options for adding attachments

    7. My Workspace: Problems pasting text into CK editorin Firefox

    8. My Workspace: What to do if you click your browser's Back button

    9. My Workspace: Changing notification preferences

    10. My Workspace: Editing My Workspace Information

  18. Permissions in Scholar

    1. Permissions and roles: Overview

    2. Permissions and roles: Adding, editing, or deleting participants

    3. Permissions and roles: Changing participant roles

    4. Permissions and roles: Changing participant roles

    5. Permissions and roles: Changing permissions for a tool in a course or a project site

    6. Permissions and roles: Controlling access to your course or project site

    7. Permissions and roles: Controlling access to your site

    8. Permissions and roles: Creating/adding, editing, and deleting sites

    9. Permissions and roles: Cannot Create Course Sites

    10. Permissions and roles: Participant roles

    11. Permissions and roles: Permissions, roles, and tools

    12. Permissions and roles: Setting announcement permissions

  19. Podcasts

    1. Podcasts: Overview

    2. Podcasts: Adding, editing, or deleting

    3. Podcasts: Downloading or subscribing

    4. Podcasts: Editing information about the RSS feed

    5. Podcasts: Managing access

  20. Polls

    1. Polls: Overview

  21. Portfolio - Evaluation

    1. Portfolio Evaluations: Overview

    2. Portfolio Evaluations: Changing Permissions

    3. Portfolio Evaluations: Evaluating Submitted Work

  22. Portfolio - Glossary

    1. Portfolio Glossary: Overview

    2. Portfolio Glossary: Adding a Glossary Term

    3. Portfolio Glossary: Changing Permission for the Glossary Tool

    4. Portfolio Glossary: Changing a Glossary Term

    5. Portfolio Glossary: Deleting a Glossary Term

    6. Portfolio Glossary: Exporting and Importing a Glossary

    7. Portfolio Glossary: Publishing a Glossary Term Globally

  23. Portfolio - Layout

    1. Portfolio Layouts: Overview

    2. Portfolio Layouts: Adding a Layout

    3. Portfolio Layouts: Changing Permissions

    4. Portfolio Layouts: Changing a Layout

    5. Portfolio Layouts: Deleting a Layout

    6. Portfolio Layouts: Publishing a Layout Globally

    7. Portfolio Layouts: Requesting that a Layout Be Published Globablly

  24. Portfolio - Matrix

    1. Portolio Matrices: Overview

    2. Portolio Matrices: Changing Permissions

    3. Portolio Matrices: Changing a Matrix

    4. Portolio Matrices: Completing a Matrix

    5. Portolio Matrices: Creating a Matrix

    6. Portolio Matrices: Designing a Matrix

    7. Portolio Matrices: Exporting and Importing a Matrix

    8. Portolio Matrices: Providing Formative Feedback

  25. Portfolio - Presentation

    1. Portfolios: Overview

    2. Portfolio - Presentation: Accessing the Portfolios Tool

    3. Portfolio - Presentation: Changing Permissions

    4. Portfolio - Presentation: Changing a Portfolio

    5. Portfolio - Presentation: Creating a Portfolio

    6. Portfolio - Presentation: Deleting a Portfolio

    7. Portfolio - Presentation: Designing Your Own Portfolio

    8. Portfolio - Presentation: Downloading (Exporting) a Portfolio

    9. Portfolio - Presentation: Leaving a Comment

    10. Portfolio - Presentation: Managing Comments on Your Portfolio

    11. Portfolio - Presentation: Planning a Portfolio

    12. Portfolio - Presentation: Publishing a Portfolio

    13. Portfolio - Presentation: Seeing Who Has Viewed Your Portfolio

    14. Portfolio - Presentation: Templated-based Portfolio

    15. Portfolio - Presentation: Viewing Comments on All Your Portfolios

    16. Portfolio - Presentation: Viewing Your Comments on Portfolios

    17. Portfolio - Presentation: Viewing a Portfolio and Its Comments

  26. Portfolio - Style

    1. Portfolio Styles: Overview

    2. Portfolio Styles: Adding a Style

    3. Portfolio Styles: Changing Permissions

    4. Portfolio Styles: Changing a Style

    5. Portfolio Styles: Deleting a Style

    6. Portfolio Styles: Publising a Style Globally

    7. Portfolio Styles: Requesting that a Style be Published Globally

  27. Portfolio - Template

    1. Portfolio Templates: Overview

    2. Portfolio Templates: Changing Permissions

    3. Portfolio Templates: Changing a Template

    4. Portfolio Templates: Copying a Template

    5. Portfolio Templates: Creating a Template

    6. Portfolio Templates: Deleting a Template

    7. Portfolio Templates: Exporting and Importing a Template

    8. Portfolio Templates: Preparing to Create a Template

    9. Portfolio Templates: Publishing a Template

    10. Portfolio Templates: Resources Tool

  28. Portfolio - Wizard

    1. Portfolio Wizards: Overview

    2. Portfolio Wizards: Building a Wizard

    3. Portfolio Wizards: Changing Permissions

    4. Portfolio Wizards: Changing a Wizard

    5. Portfolio Wizards: Completing a Wizard

    6. Portfolio Wizards: Deleting a Wizard

    7. Portfolio Wizards: Designing a Wizard

    8. Portfolio Wizards: Exporting and Importing a Wizard

    9. Portfolio Wizards: Providing Formative Feedback on a Wizard

    10. Portfolio Wizards: Publishing a Wizard

  29. Post 'Em

    1. Post'Em: Overview

    2. Post'Em: Downloading, updating, or deleting a file

    3. Post'Em: Using the tool

    4. Post'Em: Viewing feedback in a file

  30. Project Site Checklist

    1. Project Site Checklist: Project Site Checklist

    2. Project Site Checklist: Important Information after Importing

    3. Project Site Checklist: Duplicating the Scholar Gradebook

    4. Project Site Checklist: Creating a New Scholar Site and Importing Existing Tools

    5. Project Site Checklist: Importing Tools and Materials After Creating a Scholar SIte

  31. RSS News Reader

    1. RSS News Reader: Overview

    2. RSS News Reader: Adding, editing, or deleting

    3. RSS News Reader: Viewing

  32. Reset Password

    1. Reset Password: Overview

  33. Resource Area

    1. Resources: Overview

    2. Resources: Changing the permissions for a folder

    3. Resources: Copying an item

    4. Resources: Creating group folders

    5. Resources: Deleting an item

    6. Resources: Determining your site's siteID

    7. Resources: Finding the URL of a Resources item

    8. Resources: Making your Resources items publicly accessible

    9. Resources: Moving an item

    10. Resources: Moving a resources item from one site to another site

    11. Resources: Renaming a file

    12. Resources: Reordering items

    13. Resources: Resources

    14. Resources: Undoing an ending date to make a Resources item visible again

    15. Resources: Unsupported characters

    16. Resources: Uploading files to Resources using CyberDuck with Mac OS X

    17. Resources: Uploading files to Resources using WebDAV with Mac OS X

    18. Resources: Uploading files to Resources using WebDAV with Windows 7, XP, or Vista

    19. Resources: Viewing and opening items

    20. Resources: Viewing details associated with items

    21. Resources: WebDAV

    22. Resources: Working with HTML pages

    23. Resources: Working with citation lists

    24. Resources: Working with files

    25. Resources: Working with folders

    26. Resources: Working with text documents

    27. Resources: Working with web links

  34. Roster

    1. Roster: Overview

    2. Roster: Can I export my roster?

    3. Roster: Printing

    4. Roster: Viewing

  35. Section

    1. Section Info: Overview

    2. Section Info: Adding an assistant to your site

    3. Section Info: Adding site members to sections

    4. Section Info: Creating, editing, or deleting a section

    5. Section Info: Difference between sections and groups

  36. Sign-up

    1. Sign-up Tool: Overview

    2. Sign-up Tool: Creating meetings

    3. Sign-up tool: Student view

    4. Sign-up tool: Suggestions

  37. Sites in Scholar

    1. Course and project sites: Overview

    2. Course and project sites: Adding, editing, or deleting participants

    3. Course and project sites: Controlling access

    4. Course and project sites: Creating/adding, editing, and deleting sites

    5. Course and project sites: Cannot Create Course Sites

    6. Course and project sites: Cannot Find Course Site(s)

    7. Course and project sites: How to navigate

    8. Course and project sites: Publishing or unpublishing a site

    9. Course and project sites: The reset button

    10. Course and project sites: Adding content to the site Information box

    11. Course and project sites: Changing the size of your site's site Information box

    12. Menubar: Overview

    13. Menubar: Adding, editing, or deleting tools on the menubar

    14. Menubar: Adding, editing, or removing tools

  38. Site Information

    1. Site Info: Overview

    2. Site Info: Adding a text description to your site

    3. Site Info: Adding or removing a class or section

    4. Site Info: Adding, editing, or removing participants

    5. Site Info: Adding, editing, or removing tools

    6. Site Info: Changing participant roles

    7. Site Info: Changing your site's appearance

    8. Site Info: Controlling access to your site

    9. Site Info: Duplicating a site

    10. Site Info: Editing information about your site

    11. Site Info: Importing material from another site you own

    12. Site Info: Managing groups

    13. Site Info: Publishing or unpublishing a site

    14. Site Info: Tools for managing site email

    15. Site Info: Viewing participants

    16. Site Info: Viewing site information

  39. Site Stats

    1. Site Stats: Overview

    2. Site Stats: Adding, Editing, Duplicating, and Deleting

    3. Site Stats: Editing Preferences

    4. Site Stats: Printing

    5. Site Stats: Summary Statistics

    6. Site Stats: Viewing

  40. Survey

    1. Survey: Creating

    2. Survey: Editing and Publishing

    3. Survey: After Finishing the Survey

    4. Survey: Adding Questions from Survey to Question Pool

    5. Survey: Creating Surveys from Question Pools

  41. Syllabus

    1. Syllabus: Overview

    2. Syllabus: Creating

    3. Syllabus: Creating/adding, editing, or deleting

    4. Syllabus: Displaying a web page, PDF, or Word file for your syllabus

    5. Syllabus: Oncourse CL Syllabus Tool: Overview

    6. Syllabus: Reading a course syllabus

    7. Syllabus: Reordering syllabus items

  42. Tests and Quizzes

    1. Tests and Quizzes: Overview

    2. Tests and Quizzes: Respondus - Test Creation and Management Software

    3. Tests and Quizzes: Respondus - Lock Down Browser

    4. Tests and Quizzes: Question pools

    5. Tests and Quizzes: Adding questions to a question pool or subpool

    6. Tests and Quizzes: Adding, moving, copying, or removing a question pool or subpool

    7. Tests and Quizzes: Sharing Question Pools

    8. Tests and Quizzes: Creating a survey

    9. Tests and Quizzes: Adding/creating, editing, or deleting an Assessment Type

    10. Tests and Quizzes: Assessment settings

    11. Tests and Quizzes: Using the text editor

    12. Tests and Quizzes: Creating a new assessment

    13. Tests and Quizzes: Types of questions available for assessments

    14. Tests and Quizzes: Creating questions for an assessment

    15. Tests and Quizzes: Moving questions between parts of an assessment

    16. Tests and Quizzes: Ordering questions

    17. Tests and Quizzes: Editing metadata in assessments

    18. Tests and Quizzes: Previewing an assessment

    19. Tests and Quizzes: Modifying an existing assessment

    20. Tests and Quizzes: Publishing an assessment

    21. Tests and Quizzes: Modifications to published assessments

    22. Tests and Quizzes: Restricting access to published assessments

    23. Tests and Quizzes: Retracting or removing a published assessment

    24. Tests and Quizzes: Giving an assessment

    25. Tests and Quizzes: Taking an assessment

    26. Tests and Quizzes: Resume taking a saved assessment

    27. Tests and Quizzes: Importing or exporting an assessment

    28. Tests and Quizzes: Deleting an assessment

    29. Tests and Quizzes: Allowing a retake for an assessment

    30. Tests and Quizzes: Viewing participant scores and answers to individual questions in Tests and Quizzes

  43. TSS Import

    1. TSS Import: Overview

    2. TSS Import: Uploading Files

  44. Upgrade

    1. Upgrade Website

    2. What's New with Scholar? Handout

  45. Web Content Areas

    1. Web Content: Overview
    2. Web Content: Adding, editing, or deleting

  46. Wiki

    1. Wiki: Overview

    2. Wiki Tool